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In 2015, a friend invited me to try a CrossFit workout. The workout was simple movements that turned out to be one of the toughest workouts I’d ever done. I never felt so exhilarated.

It couldn’t have come at a better time – I was just finishing high school athletics and looking for something to take its place. What stood out to me was the tight-knit community and support system that helped everyone push through this demanding workout.

I spent the next couple of years telling all my friends and family about this type of training. I even convinced my mom to come in and give it a try. She hesitated, because she thought it would be too hard for her. One of our coaches, Daniel Guiney, took her under his wing. She soon became a regular, and her hour at MOA became her favorite part of her day. What Coach Daniel did for my mom encouraged me to step outside my own training and start coaching others.

I became a full-time coach at MOA Fitness and couldn’t love it more. Coming in to work every day and helping people from different walks of life and different training backgrounds achieve their goals is so rewarding. MOA Fitness really is a place for everyone!


  • CrossFit Level 1

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